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How to Increase Your Landscape’s Look and Appeal

Though this a simple question it could bring to mind lots of different ways to make your landscape stand out with its look and appeal. There are many varieties of beautifying the landscapes; such as your budget, your creative skills, the climate of the region where you stay and personal likes and dislikes. To get the best landscape gardening you need not have to run out and hire a gardener and landscaper that could put you short of a thousand dollars. Rather you could use your own knowledge and visit local nurseries or Home Depot and speak to qualified people there without any extra charge.

If you are planning on going to a trip to the local nursery remember to take along with you a few pictures of your yard so that the people out there could give you the best and low cost ideas to increase the appeal of your landscape. If you have a big doubt whether you want flowers or bushes for your yard, you should think well before deciding because flowers need watering time and again but they can make landscape gardening efforts come out beautiful, while bushes would be lesser of an effort as they would require maintenance and trimming occasionally.

One way to include flower is by having potted flower plants and the other way is to clear a certain section of your garden and plants some seeds in the soil. If you want to include a lot of flowers in your garden, you should be aware of the fact that getting potted flower plants will definitely be more expensive than planting directly on garden soil.

Get the rich look by the covering areas. Make sure they are foliage. Bushes and areas near flower beds can get a polished look by using wood chips, rocks or any other type of decorative mulch. You could use garbage bags down to smoother the area and expensive plastic sheeting will not be required to pour the sand, rocks or chips on top. This will ensure that there are no weeds and the area looks highly professional without spending a fortune on landscape gardening.

A piece of advice though is to refrain from using wood chips near the foundation since they tend to attract termites and other bugs. You could try using wood chips in flowerbeds in the year that are away from the foundation and make use of river rock or sand near the foundation. You could save your landscape from damage and thousands of dollars in the future.

Water features have always held a certain appeal when it comes to landscape gardening. Though they make the place look beautiful and appealing. The fountain part of the garden always gives a refreshing feeling. However, you should also look into the caring aspect as this kind of a feature takes oodles of care and cleaning to look both beautiful and appealing. You could try using stone statues, while some may like the Gothic look there are others who prefer modern outlook to increase the landscape’s look and appeal.

Beginning Your Seasonal Home Decor in Summer is a Brilliant Idea

Start your summer right, by adding seasonal home décor to your to-do list.

Utilizing seasonal home décor is a great way to add spice to your surroundings and a surefire way to garnish compliments from your regular houseguests. In fact, one of the most popular home decorating trends currently is seasonal decorating, as it takes a dedicated creative person to come up with enough home decorating ideas four times a year on an average of every three months.

If you are considering seasonal decorating, the summer is a wonderful time to start brainstorming home decorating ideas as summer signifies a break for your children who old or young can help you create perfect summer home decoration ambience within your house. Summer is bright, cheerful and a time for guilty free pleasure, so how some fun with your home as well! Summer colors that will brighten your house to match the summer sun The sun always seems to glow brighter in the sun, and your house should also. Therefore, you need to look at your current interior decoration and use it develop summer home decoration ideas. Bright colors are easy to come by, so when trying to create color scheme ideas for your home think bright and natural. Baby colors are a great place to start as they are traditionally light airy colors, but not so obnoxiously bright as too clash with your current furniture and home accessories as well as your current interior decoration. Summer lightness has no bounds, so you just need to pick colors that do not clash with each, and from there go wild with the colors you choose to use.

Adding your summer attitude to the interior decoration of your home Of course, you probably cannot afford to replace your furniture and home accessories every three months as the seasons change, but in keeping with the attitude of seasonal home décor, it may be possible to add a few pieces to your home’s interior decoration. As the season changes, you can take these simple changes and store them for next summer either in your attic or if you are lucky enough to have one, your storage closet. For example, if your living room is white, you may consider replacing the traditional wooden mirror with a mirror encircled by the sun. This way you can bring the sun of summer right into your summer home decoration.

Another easy way to spruce up the place is by adding summer flowers into all the flower vases around the home. Take out the fake plants, and add flowers picked from your home’s landscaping such as daisies, lilacs, and roses. Although it will require more maintenance to keep up with real flowers than the fake ones, this is a great touch to add to your seasonal decorating efforts because you bring the pleasant smells of summer inside creating a wonderful ambiance to your home. Seasonal decorating should spark your house’s physical needs As you change your seasonal home décor [] each season, this should remind you another three months have passed and that it may be time to address a few of your house’s maintenance needs.

Beginning your summer home decoration should remind you that it is time to have window treatments completed on your windows, as they are an energy saving technique. With the bright, shiny colors and sunshine of your seasonal decorating, the real sun and hot temperatures is going to come meaning your air conditioner is going to start. Seal your windows and make sure you are locking not only the bright cheery summer in, but the cool air you are producing as well.

Landscaping For Beauty and the Environment – Landscape Lighting

A Night Landscape

As the sun disappears, no longer does your garden have to fade into the darkness not to be seen until the dawn sun rises again. Landscaping with lights can bring your night-time garden alive again with dramatic shade and light. Landscape lighting is not only functional, but can make a dramatic difference in the visual appeal of your home. Using outdoor lighting will create a sense of life and drama in a front or backyard all year-round. When Springs brings new growth and blooms or when the ice shivers on tree limbs – imagine the interplay of light and shadow in them.

Dusk and Early Evening Gardens

One of the most pleasant and relaxing things to do after a hard days work is to sit in the garden on a warm Spring or Summers evening, sipping a crisp white wine from California or an ice cold beer. Landscaping with lights makes this possible

This is enhanced with subtle landscape lighting that allows you to both see what you are doing and also enjoy the aspects of your garden and yard from a different perspective as shadow and light interplay with foliage, flowers, features and the structure of the trees and shrubs.

The Beauty of the Night

Staying indoors means we too often we miss out on what evening brings – quiet (or quieter!), a sense of ease at days end, a closure to work that is natural and peaceful. Garden lights also turn the outdoors into a great entertainment area. Using landscape lighting allows us more freedom to utilize our yards and gardens more – allowing the life growing there to enhance our sense of wellbeing. In the case of many who work long hours, sometimes it is the only time to enjoy the garden and landscape lighting can literally shine the spotlight on your landscape design. Some aspects of your landscaping will take on a special beauty at night, if properly illuminated. Lighting up walkways and ‘hidden from view’ areas of the home is a good safety and security measure and a deterrent to burglars.

Summary of Good Reasons for Outdoor Lighting

o It is decorative
o It offers a sense of welcome and ease of passage for visitors to your home.
o It highlights or accents the architectural features of your house
o Adds interest – with the interplay of shadow and light
o It provides security and safety (around pools and ponds etc)
o It enhances your property’s value.

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